Corporate Responsibility Policy 

Hatfield House Hospitality is proud to be part of the Compass Group UK & Ireland, so you can be assured that we are committed to delivering a detailed corporate social responsibility policy.
Compass Group is committed to growing responsibly. We believe responsible business comes from listening and learning, and having in place a clear Corporate Responsibility vision and strategy. It also comes from having the
processes and systems to follow through and an embedded commitment to living our values. 

Introduction from our Group Managing Director

Times change, our values are constant, but the world is changing around us. The past decade has seen an ever more lively debate about the role and responsibility of companies. Our primary contribution at Compass Group is, quite simply,to be in business. Responsible wealth creation is the most fundamental social contribution that any business can make. How a company lives out its values and meets its responsibilities is an increasingly important focus for all our stakeholders. The leading companies of the 21st century
must rise to the challenge that this increasing focus presents, as it is no longer good enough to merely say you are making profits.Stakeholders – whether employees,clients and consumers, governments,communities, suppliers or shareholders– want to know how a business is run.
Engaging with these stakeholders is essential to improving the transparency of our operations. We must constantly review what living our values means in a contemporary world. It is a privilege to introduce this Framework to our stakeholders. We have a responsibility to manage our business in a way that contributes to our long-term sustainability and that of the society and environment around us. I believe that the best preparation for our sustainability is to focus on Five Pillars of Corporate Responsibility.
The Five Pillars of Corporate Responsibility are our way of allowing us to focus on and manage the key issues which impact, or have the potential to impact, our business and our people. They demonstrate the importance of corporate responsibility within our business. Each day we must look to support and develop our employees; ensure the good health and wellbeing of our consumers; make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and the world in which we live, and run our business to the highest ethical standards. 

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